After Care Dental

After Care Instructions for Dental Cleaning


Randy Walker DVM

Today we performed a dental cleaning. Although we expect no complications from the procedure we ask that you follow these instructions:

1. When you get home please give your pet a tiny amount of food (just to taste) and a small amount of water (a couple of swallows). Then wait about 30 minutes while observing the pet for nauseousness (upset stomach or vomiting). The majority of patients do not experience nauseousness after a dental but some do, especially if they consume a large amount of food and water immediately afterward.

2. Then, after waiting about an hour, give the patient light (small) amounts of food during the remainder of the day along with water free choice. If the patient shows little or no interest in food today this is usually no cause for concern.

3. Beginning tomorrow, go back the pet’s regular feeding schedule. If inappitence or nauseousness persist, please contact us at (480) 895-7633.

4. If any questions or problems should arise after hours, please contact our emergency clinic, First Regional Animal Hospital, (480) 732-0018.

5. Some patients (I estimate about one or two out of every 20) will experience some intermittent coughing after the dental procedure. This is due to minor irritation of the trachea from our endotracheal tube we used with our gas anesthesia and is usually no cause for alarm.

If coughing persists, please give the patient ½ the recommended children’s dose of Robitussin cough suppressant once during the evening, unless you have been instructed otherwise.



f coughing persists into the next day, please contact us at (480) 895-7633. If coughing becomes exaggerated or severe, please call our emergency clinic at (480) 732-0018. If coughing persists, DO NOT MASSAGE YOUR PET’S THROAT (this will just make your pet cough more).

6. If your pet is on antibiotics, please continue them as directed over the next several days, until they are gone.

7. When you first get home, you may notice a small amount of “goopy” discharge from the eyes. This is from the bland ophthalmic ointment we use during anesthesia and is normal. You may use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe away any excess ointment that may be on the face but please avoid wiping the eyes directly with the cloth.

About the dental cleaning ….

 In most cases there is little or no pain after a dental cleaning, even when teeth are extracted. For this reason you can usually continue feeding the pet’s regular food and the food doesn’t need to be moistened. In those rare cases when we perceive the pet has mouth discomfort, then it is a good idea to moisten the food for a couple of days.

 If you have been advised that your pet has sutures from an oral surgery or extraction, then you should schedule to have us remove them in 10-14 days. In many cases the sutures are dissolvable but we should check them anyway to make sure they are dissolving well and that the area is healing well.

Again, if there are any questions, please cal us at (480) 895-7633.

- Randy Walker DVM
Sun Lakes Animal Clinic
May 14,2004