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Preventive Health Care
For the Adult Dog

Randy Walker DVM

About Preventive Health Care...

Preventive health care is the routine medical care your dog receives periodically in order to help prevent health problems from developing. At Sun Lakes Animal Clinic we believe preventive health care is a very important part of your dog's total well being.

Briefly, What Item's Are Included In Preventive Health Care For The Adult Dog?

At Sun Lakes Animal Clinic we emphasize the following four areas:

1. Distemper/Parvo 6-way vaccination (yearly).

2. Rabies vaccination (once every 3 years).

3. Heartworm prevention (yearly test and once a month preventive).

4. Dental cleaning (as needed, usually once-a-year).

5. Stool Sample Analysis (yearly).

Briefly, Describe Each Part Of The Preventive Health Care Program.

1. Distemper/Parvo 6-Way Vaccination.

This vaccination guards against several of the more severe and common diseases that the dog may become exposed to including Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, two kinds of Kennel cough'', and Corona virus.

2. Rabies Vaccination.

This vaccination guards against rabies and is required by Arizona state law to be given every 3rd year.  Other states’ requirements on rabies vaccination can vary with some states requiring annual vaccination (Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and others) and other states requiring rabies vaccination every other year (California, Nevada and others).

3. Heartworm Prevention.

This consists of a routine annual heartworm test and once-a-month heartworm preventive.

4. Dental Cleaning.

Teeth cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatment should be performed as needed with most dogs requiring this once-a-year. The need for dental care varies from dog to dog with some dogs never needing dental care and some others needing it as often as every 3-4 months. It's a good idea to have us look at your dog's mouth to determine if dental care is needed. Also, routine brushing at home is greatly encouraged along with feeding dry dog food.

5. Stool Sample Analysis.

We also recommend checking a stool sample once-a-year to rule out internal parasites.

Of course there are many other threats to the dog's health (such as Valley Fever, Tick Fever, accidental injury, etc) but these (listed above) are the main problems we can protect and vaccinate against.

- Randy Walker DVM
Sun Lakes Animal Clinic
May 17,2004

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