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Instructions Before Anesthesia

Randy Walker DVM

1. Please withhold all food after 10:00 pm the evening before the procedure (unless we advise otherwise).

    2. Please withhold water about 2 hours before dropping the pet off with us.

    3. If your pet is on antibiotics or other medications at this time, please give them as you normally would on the morning of the procedure.  If a small piece of cheese, soft dog food or peanut butter is used to give the medication, this is OK as long as it’s a small piece.  If for some reason you are not able to give the medication on the morning of the procedure, we can still perform the procedure but please advise us of this (we might need to give the medication in the form of an injection).

    4. Please drop your pet off with us at 8:30 am (unless specified otherwise).  In most cases your pet will be ready to go home at around 2:00 pm the same day (again, unless specified otherwise).  Please call us at about 2:00 pm to see if you pet is ready to go home.

    With our modern anesthetics and patient monitoring procedures, anesthesia is generally very safe.  We rarely experience complications with anesthesia and, although the ethics of my profession prevent me from giving guarantees of successful outcome, there is generally little to worry about when your pet undergoes an anesthetized procedure.  While we recognize that there is always some risks of complications with any medical procedure including anesthesia, we at Sun Lakes Animal Clinic are very proud of our record of success with anesthesia.

    If you have any questions please call us at (480) 895-7633.

    - Randy Walker DVM
    Sun Lakes Animal Clinic
    May 16,2004

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