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Sun Lakes Animal Clinic is proud to introduce our new cold laser therapy unit..  Using the cutting edge technology of photobiomodulation, laser therapy is a drug free and surgery free solution for arthritis, hip dysplasia and for promoting quicker and more reliable healing in almost any condition where pain and inflammation are present.  At Sun Lakes Animal Clinic we are finding greatly decreased inflammation and much quicker healing in ear and skin infections.  Thousands of published studies have demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of laser, making it one of the most exciting treatment options available for patient care today.  To learn more about photobiomodulation through laser therapy please follow this link.

Have you met our staff?  Dr. Randy Walker and Dr. Ashley Greenway make up the veterinary side of our clinic family.  Dr. Walker graduated from veterinary college at Oklahoma State University in 1985 while Dr. Greenway is a 2009 graduate of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Both of our veterinarians are active members of the American Animal Hospital Association, the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Dr. Walker is currently “owned” by a Lynx-point Siamese cat named Lindy who has him wrapped around her little paw.  Dr. Greenway is “owned” by two American Pit Bull terriers:  a brindle & white sweetie named Raleigh and a black & white lover named Ramsey (Raleigh’s best friend); a tortie/calico American short-hair cat named Wrigley who Dr. Greenway adopted as a sick little kitten when she was working as an assistant in a veterinary clinic when she was nineteen and who has since been with her through college, vet school and now moved across the country with her as a veterinarian; a black/white tuxedo American short-hair cat named Remy (Wrigley’s best friend); and last but not least, a ball python snake named Dragon (eek!).

Please allow us to introduce our three Certified Veterinary Technicians: Jan Newman CVT, Harmony Stapley CVT, and Allison Dark CVTJan has been with our facility for almost 25 years and is very well versed in veterinary technical procedures.  Jan is currently “owned” by a Labrador-beagle mix named Liza and a Shar-Pei-greyhound mix named Bubba.  Harmony has been with us for almost 13 years and is a recent recipient of the Team Player of the Year Award (formerly known as the Veterinary Technician of the Year Award) as awarded by the Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona.  Harmony is “owned” by a American Pit bull Terrier mix named Beau, a Labrador Retriever cross named Sacoza, a dachshund named Joffe, and a basset-lab mix named Nora.  Allison is the latest exciting addition to our staff, having come to us with several years experience in a busy, modern veterinary practice.  Allison is currently “owned” by a whole tribe of cats named Tom-Tom, Henry, Max, Nala, Kumar, Smuckers, George, Hinge, Cooper, Albert and Timmy (that’s a lot of cats!), plus a Chihuahua named Penny, another Chihuahua named Baby, a poodle named Posey and a whole school of fish!  That’s quite a houseful!  All of our CVT’s are members of the American Animal Hospital Association and the Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona.

Sun Lakes Animal Clinic is proud of our super-star tech-assistant staff comprised of Stephanie Shackleford, Valerie Bourne,Cecelia Baldonado and Sheryl Mayes.  Each of these intrepid six musketeers is an active member of the American Animal Hospital Association and the Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona.

At home Valerie is “owned” by a whole zoo full of pets including a German Shepherd cross named Missy,  a Shih-Tzu named Dusty, two pugs named Galaxy & Tequila, three domestic short hair cats named Kitty, Sunny and Frankie and Chihuahua named Sugar. That’s quite a crew!

Stephanie is owned by a whole zoo of pets; so many we’re still counting them all.

Sheryl likewise is counting all of her crew!